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Dressage rider Carl Hedin at our place!

Some of you have guessed right and sure it was the dressage rider Carl Hedin who was with us and tried equestrian archery! Agria's fourth episode in the Hästresan series was released April 29th! A YouTube series in five parts produced by Carl Hedin and Isak Rautenberg/Orange Studios in collaboration with Agria Djurförsäkring and Agriastudion.

Carl travels around the country and visits horse trainers with different specializations to satisfy his curiosity and get inspiration. His belief is that we have everything to gain by enriching each other in our endeavor to make horse training and the horses' welfare even better.

Carl Hedin called us on a wintry spring day and told us about the plan. Did we want to join and did we have the opportunity to prepare in a week? Being on our own track was out of the question as we still had snow. And in the Körhuset in Rättvik (which is our usual riding arena) it was not possible to be in as EHV-1 had been found in the stables and it was closed. So Mats contacted Annika Sund at Leksandsbröd, was there an opportunity for us to book the Hippodrome in Leksand? Tt was! So Leksand it had to be.

We would like to thank Agria for the trust and are very happy about the meeting with Carl and Isak! It was an incredibe day. Building bridges between different disciplines to make the horses' training and welfare even better is something we are really passionate about! We all have everything to gain from it! Above all, our four-legged friends.

You can watch the episode below - it is texted in English. Hope you like! If so, feel free to share:

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