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Certified for ethical horse keeping, step 1!

Finally! After several years of hard work, we can announce that in 2022 we passed our certification for step 1 in Ethical horse keeping: "Roughage, friends and freedom!" Today we received the proof. So what does that actually mean? Well, this means that we have worked on looking at the horse's basic needs and worked with adaptations based on that. We have also established individual horse welfare records.

Ethical horse keeping is always based on the horse's welfare in order to create healthier horses. This means that all horses have the opportunity to perform their natural behaviors on a daily basis, receive a training and work environment that rests on current research regarding both learning and physical structure, and are taken care of by people who have knowledge of the horse's emotional, physiological and individual needs. It also means preventive health care and meeting the horses with an increased ethical approach.

Now we are looking forward to tackling certification for step 2 which is "Training, equipment and working environment"!

/Ylwa and Mats

Photo: Ethical horse keeping

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