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A trainingform where you need  trust each other completely

Horseback archery was created as a modern sport in Europe in the 80's. It's just as it sounds, you ride in canter and shoot arrows at targets in different directions and at different distances! The sport saw its light in Sweden in 2009 and interest is increasing every year. Since 2016, Horseback archery has been an official branch of the Swedish Archery Association. Today, there are also many who discover Horseback archery as a very good complement to whatever they are doing within riding, because the horse must be trained in other commands. We do not hold any reins, but a bow and arrows in our hands! It takes between three to four years to create a good Team in Horseback Archery, and whether you want to train or compete, you need to make sure your horse is as prepared as you are on all levels,

and you must have a good relationship. We have focused on Team Relations since 2011. Welcome to us!

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We are Mats and Ylwa Woxmark and
we are educated qualified instructors both within equestrian sports and archery.


Together we run Dalecarlian Horse Academy or as you simply say in everyday life: "DHA", where the Horsebackarchery Academy has been a successful part since 2012.


The well-being of the horse is always number one, which is why we put human understanding of it as a priority.

We look at the horse as a family member and a Teammate which is allowed to think and react and we work to spread knowledge about reward-based and bitless training.


We work with i  The H3 method , which stands for Horse to Horse, Horse to Human and Human to horse.

It ensures that you understand your horse's reactions, behaviors and needs, but also how much you yourself affect your surroundings by thinking and reacting in different ways.

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This year we have had an extra high pressure on our summer camps and we have now launched summer 2022! With a discount of 20% only in November.


Välkommen till ett nytt år och nya möjligheter
hos oss på Akademin i Rättvik!
Vi lämnar 10% på utvalda läger under januari.