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In time for Christmas, we're launching the DHA-app!

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Now here it is, the DHA app! Just in time for Christmas, we've released a free BETA version of the DHA app that will be primarily available to our members! Staying in touch with us has never been easier. In the DHA app you will be aware of:

  • Contact details

  • All links to our social media

  • Book some of our services

  • Be able to place orders for our products directly in our webshop

  • Read the latest news

  • Keep an eye on what's happening in the members' forum

All in one place! We hope that you, like us, will find it makes life much easier!

Now we would like the help of you who are members of our website to test the app for us, is there something that you are missing and what would it be if so? Something we should take away? As a thank you for your help, we give you a secret gift.

/Ylwa and Mats!

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