Visit from Germany after two years of restrictions!

Finally after two years of covid-restrictions, quarantines and difficulties to travel, Dörte and Ludger from Germany visited us again and booked a day's training with Barco and Zäta. Like for so many other during these years, it has not been easy keeping up the training, so we started with some ground training.

After lunch they got to meet their old team mates Barco and Zäta again! If you return to us for training, we try to book the horse you have been ridden before for the best possible experience. Dörte and Ludger was here for the third time!

Barcos Fancy Cat, one of Sweden's most accomplished horses in horseback archery and if he should introduce himself he'd say: "I am the one with all the medallions in the stable".

Xero Dreams' Eye Catcher is the horse, who won Midsummer night's dream in 2016 together with Anna Sokólska from Poland. He has also participated in Grand Prix with a fifth place.


  • That we are the Swedish Ambassadors in the World Bitless Association? You don't need to be able to ride bitless when you come and visit us, but it is a great opportunity to get more knowledge about it

  • That we are the only Equetrian centre in Sweden who educate in horseback archery working full time? About 150-200 people visit us each year and at our place you can come and train on well-educated horses if you don't have your own horse

  • We are both educated trainers within the Swedish Equestrian Federation and the Swedish Archery Association and coach a lot of people in other disciplines as well

  • We work with rewarded-based training and are happy to share our thoughts of how you easy can implement such training in your everyday horselife.

Are you also interested to come and train with us? Please plan your stay here in good time, we are in general fully booked in the beginning of April!

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