Parade Ukraine, a manifestation for the animals in war

Ylwa is one of three women behind "Parade Ukraine" (Malin Hellstedt and Karolina Lallerstedt), a manifestation in Sweden to highlight the situation of the animals in Ukraine. Mats and Ylwa have personal connections to the people of Ukraine through Stunt Team Ukrainian Cossacks by Oleh Yurchyshyn and on Sunday, April 3rd the Team did the parade for the first time with their show horses Jeenial and Barco through Stockholm's streets to show their support. The parade stands for peace and hopes to be able to generate a large sum of money.

Therefore, a collection is also arranged at the same time together with the Swedish Animal Welfare Association, which doubles all deposits made! A representative from the Animal Welfare Association was also present at the parade, and they will distribute the money to the organizations that are most in need in Ukraine, much of the money goes to food and medicine for the animals. Of course we report how the Animal Welfare Association distributes the money! Pictures by photographer Therese Hübner.

On April 19th, we get the result from the Swedish Animal Welfare Association the result of the collection