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Now it is possible for you to book time for courses and activities online with us!

Can't find the desired date in the calendar? We always have times reserved for Drop-In, call us or send an email and we will solve it!

Our contact information can be always found in the footer.

Warmly welcome with your booking!



During the Pandemic, we only have open at our base in Rättvik, Dalecarlia County.

The facility is classified as Corona-secured outdoor activity, warmly welcome to us!

According to the Swedish Public Health Agency's latest recommendations,
we keep the facility in Rättvik open for you who are symptom-free

during our outdoor season April-October.

Protect yourself and others and think extra hard about our elderly and people

with serious illness. The academy takes the spread of the coronavirus very seriously

and follows the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations

and the development of events both in the country and in our municipality.  

We trust everyone's personal responsibility, this means that if you feel the slightest cold and or have symptoms such as body aches, runny nose, cough, sore throat or fever, then you stay at home. Should it happen that you miss an appointment with us due to illness,

you will of course have the opportunity to ride again at a later time!