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BOOKING Beginners


Your booking is confirmed when payment is made. Wait for answers from us and follow further instructions


Vågar du släppa tygeln? Vågar du släppa kontrollen? Vågar du ge hästen din fulla tillit? 


Dates for our Beginners Camps:

  • 29-30 / 5 FULLY on rental horses!

  • 12-14 / 6 FULLY on rental horses!

  • 22-24 / 6 FULLY on rental horses!

  • 17-18 / 7 FULLY on rental horses!

  • 20-22 / 7 FULLY on rental horses!

  • 27-29 / 8 FULLY on rental horses!


For you with your own horse, we still have room!


According to the Swedish Public Health Agency's latest recommendations,
we keep the facility in Rättvik open for you who are symptom-free

during our outdoor season April-October.

Protect yourself and others and think extra hard about our elderly and people

with serious illness. The academy takes the spread of the coronavirus very seriously

and follows the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations

and the development of events both in the country and in our municipality.  

We trust everyone's personal responsibility, this means that if you feel the slightest cold and or have symptoms such as body aches, runny nose, cough, sore throat or fever, then you stay at home. Should it happen that you miss an appointment with us due to illness,

you will of course have the opportunity to ride again at a later time!

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"Man blir lätt beroende"


SEK 4,400 (SEK 3,200 for weekend camps)

Horse rental (3 places / camp):
Added to the price with SEK 1,000


The camp release takes place every year on November 1st. In connection with the camp release, we always give a discount on our horse camps during November, December and January!

MAY-AUGUST: 10% on all camps for you who have your own horse!
= (SEK 3,960 + horse rent SEK 900). Enter the code 10 YEARS in the message field to us.

Maximum number of participants:
6 st

The price includes:
Lunch and dinner
Pasture or box for your horse, you bring extra food
Loan of bow and arrows

Additional to the price:
Accommodation with location in Rättvik or Furudal, you choose,

book yourself and pay directly to the accommodation

Payment terms:
Payment is equal to confirmed booking, keep in mind that there is a large demand for the places!

The booking is also binding. Reimbursement is only made against a medical certificate.

By submitting your booking, you also accept our terms.  

Payment is made to Swish 1233967866 or Bankgiro 135-6484


Horse owner declaration, for you who have your own horse

For you who bring your own horse:  By sending the booking to us,

approves / certifies  you also the horse owner declaration below:

I hereby assure of honor and conscience

  • That the horse during the last three weeks, counted from this day, has not shown any signs that may indicate infectious disease

  • That the horse during the last three weeks has not been set up in stables, where infectious equine disease has been known to me, and

  • That the horse during the same time has not been in any other way in contact with a horse, which as far as is known can be suspected of having had a contagious disease

  • As far as I know, the horse is completely healthy

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