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Arabian Horse

Imppressiv ox- Janeefa ox - Ibn Zareefa ox

The horse that changed everything.

It was November 15th, 2010, one of the coldest winters in Sweden in 150 years. Mats was home alone and Ylwa's horse Jeenial was very ill. He went with him in meters deep snow but when the vet came in the morning he was sentenced to die. But we fought for him, it took an abdominal opening and 3.5 hours of surgery

but he managed it against all odds.


A long recovery period had begun and something happened in our view of horse handling and riding. By only hanging out with a horse that has been through something so traumatic, and having no requirements to perform anything, a very special contact emerged. It was like trying to learn to walk and talk again and we named our experiences  to the H3 method. He taught us that as long as we take the time to listen and try to understand what the horses want, we can learn a great deal about ourselves. And he made us aware of our own body language and the unconscious signals we are constantly sending out.  


For three months, Ylwa and Jeenial only worked from the ground up to build him up, and when it was time to start riding again, it was important that the wonderful contact that had developed should not be destroyed. The courage to dare to let go of control in the reins did not really exist from the beginning and a diversionary maneuver was required to make it work. Horeback archery became the solution. Since that day, we help between 150 and 200 Teams every year to build relationships with each other. Because without a relationship, it's hard to do anything at all.


Jeenial has been in our lives since 2006, when he was newly neutered with the nickname "Gangster" and with 10 offsprings, several qualified in Distance. The development since then has been huge.

He comes from the finest lines on both the father's and mother's side and is of the Working-Arabian model.

As the wisest horse we have met, no one who has looked into his eyes is unmoved.

A psyche, an integrity and a courage that is very rare seen in Arabian horses. A real star!