Welcome to Rättvik!

During the previous year, we held Did you know that our work has received attention from the Horse Welfare Group? Read more here.


According to the Swedish Public Health Agency's latest recommendations,
we keep the facility in Rättvik open for you who are symptom-free

during our outdoor season April-October.

Protect yourself and others and think extra hard about our elderly and people

with serious illness. The academy takes the spread of the coronavirus very seriously

and follows the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations

and the development of events both in the country and in our municipality.  

We trust everyone's personal responsibility, this means that if you feel the slightest cold and or have symptoms such as body aches, runny nose, cough, sore throat or fever, you stay at home. Should it be so,

that you miss an appointment with us due to illness,

you will of course have the opportunity to ride again at a later time!

PLEASE NOTE that Accommodation is not included in the price! 

Below you see some accommodations we recommend.

Årets lägernyhet 2022! Beridet bågskytte Rättvik.jpg
Lägersläpp 2022 Beridet bågskytte Utvecklingsgrupp.jpg

Places left

The beginner camps is for you who have never tried Horseback archery, or who have tried a little bit. You continue at your level and decide the pace how far you want to get during these three days. We focus on the relationship and communication with the horse and  we learn to understand how we affect our Teammates.

Camp release November 1st

Vad blir det för läger? 

4-5/6, 18-19/6 Helg

5-7/7 (Ungdom)

15-17/7, FULLT! 5-7/8 & 16-18/8 


Priset är 4.400 kr plus hästhyra 1.000 kr

Helgkurser 2.500 kr plus hästhyra 700 kr

Camp release November 1st

Vad blir det för läger?

FULLT! 10-12/6 Rörbäcksnäs

21-23/6 Barbacka & Balans, Ungdom

FULLT! 28-29/5 Helg 

Priset är 4.400 kr plus hästhyra 1.000 kr

Helgkurser 2.500 kr plus hästhyra 700 kr

Do you need accommodation? We recommend: