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Ylwa och Mats Woxmark

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We usually say that we educate in ethical horse-keeping and ethical riding. Ethics are human values, actions and the motives for these. We encourage ethical reflection and this is distinguished by learning to try to give reasons for why you act as you do or why you chose the values you chose. Having an ethical approach to our equine companions means first and foremost that we do not make them feel bad, seen from their point of view. So that's why we focus on educating ourselves and others in what can be perceived

as discomfort for the horse.


The H3 method is the tool we work with and it stands for Horse to Horse, Horse to Human, and Human to Horse. When a new horse comes to us, it is the herd of horses that first takes care of him or her and helps to correct it. The H3 method is based on LIMA and is used by us in all training!


LIMA stands for Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive and describes a trainer or behavioral scientist who uses reward-based training to achieve an educational or behavioral change goal. In short, this means that we work to increase 

the understanding of LIMA!


We are Sweden's Ambassadors in the World Bitless Association since 2020! This means that we have a national mission to spread and increase knowledge about bitless riding and driving in our elongated country. We have start working locally on these issues, the bitless channel is one example!

It's about raising awareness.

We choose to trust that people want the best for their horses. We also choose to believe that if they only get the knowledge and the opportunity to make everyday life more horse-humane according to the horse's way of being and looking at things, they will do it. In the end, it's about educating us horse people in the horse's world and language, not molding them into our world and our language. To take us from the traditional way of looking at horses to a new, unexplored and very exciting way. A way where there are endless possibilities. A world where only you yourself set the limits to what you will achieve and that makes us so incredibly happy and grateful.

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