This weekend it finally happened after several years of covid - a long-awaited training weekend together with Jan, this time without Flash. And of course there is a difference between just talking on the phone and over the internet versus meeting in person! We realized, we had missed it.

As usual, the weather showed itself from its very best side, we are lucky with the weather Gods in Övre Gärdsjö, and there was a lot of time to coach, train, for horses and archery and talking until the early mornings! Mats also practices shooting with a back quiver and got some time together with Barco! We have tried many different types of quivers since we started instructing in horseback archery in 2012 and have come to the conclusion that sword quivers and back quivers are the fastest. So far we've only used sword quivers, apart from holding the arrows in the hands, so now we're also testing and training with the back quivers. "This went well!" was Mat's spontaneous comment, who thought it felt very natural. We also tested a travel saddle that Jan built, where the idea is that it should fit all horses and all saddles so that if you, for example, borrow a horse, the horse can continue to have the saddle that he or she is used to. It fit both Barco's and Zäta's saddle!

A great fun and rewarding weekend that ended with us being VIP guests at Rhapsody in Rock at Dalhalla, where Ylwa's nephew Adam played. For three hours we got to enjoy fantastic music and good company. Thank you all, it is with ease that we enter this Monday's to-do-list!

Barco and Zäta were Jan's teammates this weekend! It's all about balance. Physical balance and mental balance. And to disturb the horse as little as possible.

A happy bunch of night owls after the end of Rhapsody in Rock at Dalhalla 2022!