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Mats och Ylwa Woxmark

Foto: Elin Kassman


Ollasgården and Equestrian archery (EA)

The base for Ollasgården is the Horse Academy, where we help you look at the whole horse and where we as Sweden's Ambassadors for bitless riding and driving in the World Bitless Association, have the task of spreading the knowledge about this. We also teach reward-based training. But it is Equestrian archery that has become our face from the start, it is an exceptional tool to get better Team relationships. This is a some of what you as a beginner or experienced rider can train with us to get better communication with your horse!

Öppen clinc beridet bågskytte
Prova på ryttarbåge


We have a fully equipped track för training Equestrian archery,"the Gärdsjö track". The track is 90 m and here you can train both Tower and Raid with electronic timekeeping. The surface of the track is weatherproof and guest pastures are availabe for your horse!


The Hunt tracks are among the most fun we know, here we have no barriers (support ropes), for you to have the opportunity to learn to ride your horse with other commands. We think, this is Equestrian archery for real,

and our Viking track is 350 m long. 

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